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Wedding in Mexico city Save the date photoshot

Mexico City is the largest in the world, so imagine the number of places where you can do your save the date session. In the center and surroundings there are very diverse spots to be able to take spectacular couple photos, below we share our favorites:

Nevado de Toluca

This is the furthest place that we recommend, from downtown it takes about two and a half hours, but it is totally worth it. Upon arrival there are spaces full of trees but above the landscape is more desert, with the intense blue sky that is reflected in the crater lagoon. This session is an excursion to enjoy unique landscapes, it is unmissable. Just wear comfortable shoes.

In the center and surroundings there are very diverse spots to be able to take spectacular couple photos.

Centro historico

We highly recommend going at dawn, at this time the light that enters through Calle de Madero is usually golden, you can have warm and romantic photos. Lose yourself walking through the Alameda, Bellas Artes and the Casa de los Azulejos, you will have a great day.

Desierto de los leones

It is ideal for fun couples looking for images in nature. Your session will be surrounded by trees and beautiful gardens of the convent. You don’t need prior permits, however when you arrive you have to make an approximate payment of 900 pesos at the ticket office and that entitles you to use all the facilities for as long as you want.

San Ángel o Coyoacan

If you are looking for mexican town spots, these two neighborhoods are ideal. They have colorful houses, old doors and cobbled streets that make you feel like you are in a typical town in Mexico. You will have cheerful and colorful photographs.

Colonia Juarez

Here you will find eclectic spots with old buildings, parks, graffiti, delicious little cafes and cozy restaurants. You will be able to have spontaneous photographs with an urban style, this spot is ideal for photos with dogs, you will love it.


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