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The only thing that remains at the end of a wedding are the memories, that is why the decision of who will be the photographer that day is extremely important, here I give you some points to make it easier for you to choose:

1. Experience

It is very important that the person who will take the photographs has practice, not only photographs but has also experienced several weddings to learn to solve problems that may arise and thus act efficiently and safely. It can happen from not having the expected weather until something fails in your equipment and you must be ready for any unforeseen event.

2. Style

If when you see his photographs you want to be those boyfriends you see, it means that he is your photographer. Do not choose him lightly, you have to love his work since that day you will trust him with the point of view of how your story will be told, it is important to know how his approach is and to know that his purpose when taking wedding photographs is the same as you wait.

3. Recommendations

Try to get opinions from couples or wedding planners who have worked with the photographer you want, they will always give you an honest opinion about the work and service in general and you will hire in a more accurate way. If something makes you doubt that is not your photographer.

For many people these giant puppets are both to attract good luck and to ward off bad vibes; nowadays, these figures appear at parties, weddings, religious events and parades.

4. Professionalism

A good photographer not only takes incredible photos, he must also give you a good service and this can be seen from the first approaches, if he answers quickly, kindly and with interest. That he be patient when listening to your needs and that from the beginning he keeps his word in what they agree on. In this way you will rest assured that they acted professionally and responsibly in every detail.

5. Make it official

When contracting their services, they must send you a contract with all their obligations and points to be fulfilled clearly described. If you have doubts about any point in the contract or do not agree, let us know so that they can reach a good agreement that leaves both of you happy with the service points.

These are some points that can help you choose your photographer very well, a bit of intuition, taste and formality will be the key for your choice to be successful.


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