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FVS Weddings

This association of photographers was the first to which we belong, every year they hold a giant conference cycle in Las Vegas where you live, smell and eat photos for several days hahaha. Much of what FVS weddings is today is thanks to the great teachers we have had from the WPPI, both in business organization and photographic technique. At the closing of the conferences, a ceremony is held where the best of photography is awarded. Thousands of photographers from all over the world participate here and many of them say and know that this contest is one of the most difficult that exists. We have had the honor of winning a Silver Award in the wedding video category where at least six people participated in the recording and editing of a video that took us to this place that is so important to us. When they announced it we couldn’t believe it, this encourages us to continue innovating to achieve it again with your wedding video.


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