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  /    /  Hda. San Gabriel de las Palmas, Morelos

Hda. San Gabriel de las Palmas, Morelos

Choucha & Stephan

Choucha and Stephan do not live in Mexico nor do they have any ties that call them to this country other than a taste for it. When they organized their wedding, it seemed like a good idea to be able to gather the people they love the most on a trip. They chose the San Gabriel de las Palmas Hacienda, this hacienda located in Morelos was ordered to be built by Hernán Cortés and functioned as a Franciscan monastery and years later was the headquarters of Emiliano Zapata. Today it is a tourist space where you can rest, enjoy good food and have a great experience among beautiful gardens. This space is ideal for a destination wedding and was suggested by Nayeli Blanquel, her wedding planner, who always knew that this place would make everyone fall in love.


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