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FVS Weddings

A few years ago the dream of any photographer happened, Sony contacted us to talk. The surprise was that this talk was more like an interview with senior managers of the brand who came from Japan since they were about to choose a small number of wedding photographers who would be chosen as brand ambassadors. We had several talks and everything progressed until the official appointment was made. And what does it mean to be an ambassador? One of the things that was super interesting was to try the equipment first hand, that is, each launch they gave it to us to use in royal weddings and thus be able to give complete feedback. When you see that the team is making those changes that were discussed in the meetings, it feels incredible. Another thing we helped with was giving talks or workshops in which we shared our experience with many photographers, from going to universities to going to specialized photographer associations. We will always be grateful for all the support we received from the brand during four years that were extremely enriching.


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