About us

Hi! We are Lili and Ruben, we are husband and wife, and wedding photographers since 12 years ago. We love doing social photojournalism, our inspiration is the people, the relationships, the traditions, the cultures and we are looking all the time for this things that differentiate you from other couples or other families, each couple is unique and we want to capture your personality and your essence in images that will be your treasure over the time.

 Also we enjoy spending time together as a family with our two dogs, yes! we are animal lovers, so we also like traveling around the world doing nature photography, and what starts as a hobby now is other kind of photography that gave us many satisfactions together.

 We are people committed to be better than yesterday, we love what we do and we know that photography and technology is changing all the time, so we are updating constantly and searching for new techniques and new ideas giving you the best of us each event.