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Casa Tho, Merida

Ana & Manuel Elopement

Ana and Manuel gave themselves the wedding of their dreams. They wanted a close, warm and meaningful wedding, a space where they could be with the most important people in their lives. The day began at her home, Casa Talismán in Mérida, where Ana’s mother prepared a Jewish bath for her, something very similar to tevilah. They were moments of introspection, gratitude, and awareness of all the good that was and is to come in her life with Manuel.

The day was perfect, they both looked very happy and all their guests waited for them at Casa Tho to celebrate their union, no one was missing! even her little dog Trigo went to see how they officially became family. Just when the ceremony was about to end after some very emotional vows it started to rain and as soon as they kissed their husbands everyone applauded and a storm started, here in Mexico we say that it means good luck and happiness, it was a day full of meaning .

Ana and Manuel, we hope that every drop of water will be years of good times for you, thank you for letting us live this day close to you.

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