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Prim, Mexico City

Ronak & Andrew

A Persian-Egyptian wedding in Mexico? wow! Ever since Ronak and Andrew told us about their wedding we got excited. Ronak is ____ and Andrew ____, so the wedding would have details of both heritages, an authentic multicultural wedding in Prim, currently one of the most requested venues for couples getting married in CDMX. The day came and people came from all over the world, many of them had not seen each other for a long time. I believe that destination weddings always generate a special emotion, for sharing with the couple but for bringing everyone together in a new place to get to know each other.

Here you can see the perfect mix of our weddings, which is good and well-directed portraits with spontaneous moments to remember the real feeling of the day, the ceremony was very special, one of the symbols that I remember is that the bride and groom ate some sweets that it means sweetness in his new family and in the party the persian culture does a knife dance. It was a very different wedding with a vibe of great affection for the newlyweds.

El cliente es muy importante, el cliente será seguido por el cliente. Es muy fácil establecer un precio. Para mujeres embarazadas en el vestíbulo del valle de masas. Pero la hendrerit envenenada está embarazada. En ninguna cama diam. Pero la tierra es justa, que sea algún tipo de tierra, sólo la salsa del ullamcorper. En lacinia, es pura como tarea, un poco de sabiduría, no me importan las caricaturas frente a esa clínica. Para el laoreet para decorar la urna, en varios límites.


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